We are holding 4 day school holiday ‘Nudie Surf Groms’ courses on these sets of dates throughout the year

COST $214 per child – Choose from 8:10 of 10:30 starts times – suitable for kids age 5 to 12yrs

Each class is 2 hours in duration surfboard and wetsuit provided

You will also recieve a FREE Ripcurl pack worth over $180 for each child, the price of the postage has now been added to the price so total charged will be $214

Nudie surf groms pack Perth

*Please note you will only receive One pack per child  in a 12 month period.


 Surf Groms 4 day school holiday courses;

This will be our 10th year running Nudie surfgroms at Big Wave Surfing school. We love teaching the surf groms program and we are a unique family owned and operated surf school with small children of our own.

As a father of 2 young boys and over 17 years of coaching experience leaving your child to learn with us will ensure your child will have the best possible surfing experience. We foster families and self confidence at our surf school and unlike other surf schools I the owner and head coach teach every single class we operate, making sure we are providing you with the best service available.

Nudie SurfGroms not only teaches youngsters aged 5-12 surfing skills, but it also teaches them about beach safety through fun games on the sand and in shallow water. Reading surf conditions, first aid, and basic surf rescue skills are all part of the Nudie SurfGroms program. But above all, kids will have fun learning the skills that will give them the confidence to become a surfer for life.

Every child signing up will receive;

  • Rip Curl Backpack
  • Rip Curl pencil case
  • Logbook
  • nudie SurfGroms rash-vest
  • nudie brekkie
  • 2XP Groms Sunscreen
  • Woolworths fresh food Guide

Since SurfGroms was launched in October 2011, more than 40,000 Australian children have experienced the thrill of surfing for the first time, and registrations for the latest programs are now open, just in time for summer. Secret Harbour beach is the only beach in Perth suitable to teach small children surfing skills. Other beaches can be inconsistent with dangerous and crowded conditions for small kids.

This is the first time in surfing’s history that a nationally available program, encouraging kids to engage in the sport of surfing, has been available anywhere in the world.
With the support of the Federal Government through the Australian Sports Commission (ASC), Surfing Australia has developed this robust, innovative and cutting edge junior development program for kids Australia wide.

Nudie SurfGroms is exclusively available through Surfing Australia’s network of licensed surf schools to anyone aged between 5 and 12 years old, regardless of experience or ability.  SurfGroms develops a proficiency in surfing that kids can enjoy and embrace for a lifetime, and offer youngsters an opportunity to have loads of fun at the beach whilst developing strong ocean awareness and beach safety skills at a very influential period in their lives.

Weetbix SurfGroms forms the base of Surfing Australia’s sport development pathway, ensuring that more participants continue surfing throughout their lifetime, ingraining into them a healthy lifestyle that is proudly Australian!

*Please note you will only receive One pack per child  in a 12 month period.


Nudie surf groms Perth Secret Harbour