Why Our Customers Love Us!

As a parent you want to see your kids safe and happy. I have enrolled my 10 year old son in a number of courses at Big Wave Surfing School and have been so impressed with everything they do. You can’t go past Patrick and his team at Big Wave Surfing School if you are a parent looking to teach your children surfing. Their local knowledge in and out of the waves is second to none.  All the coaches are super keen and caring of the participants in their classes and professional in their approach. Whenever we want to further our children’s surfing knowledge and experience we will not book anyone else except the team at Big Wave Surfing School. We fully recommend the school to all budding surfing enthusiasts and their parents.

Ken Odriscoll

Surfing with Big Wave Surf School for Indigo has been the most rewarding and exhilarating experience for Indigo. When she first attended, Indigo had never been in waves before, had never been dumped and was very very nervous. Now, two years on, Indigo will happily head into the surf, can spot a rip, can surf well and will even head out to the green waves on a good day. Indigo adores surfing – it has become her passion. She wants to surf all the time. And better still, she is far more interested in being fit and healthy than ever before.The coaches have been brilliant. Pat & Lauren show so much patience and encouragement and both really know how to challenge the kids in such a fun and safe environment. 
We will be surfing with Big Wave for years to come.

Tash Mackenzie

We started at Big Wave 4 years ago when my eldest did the annual try out day for surfing. We have been traveling South for the Waves ever since. We live near a beach and as a family we are always in the “water”. Learning to surf with Big Waves Surfing School has been a wonderful experience for my family. One of my kids has special needs he was born with a disability and has to work extra hard and finds  a lot of things challenging.We were rewarded this morning. Izaac can finally stand up. For a child who has always had low muscle  tone and has  lots of other challenges to do with his disability it was awesome. We were all very excited for him (to be honest I wasn’t sure if it was ever  going to happen). As a mum I love it too because I don’t stand on the beach I do the lessons it an unbelievable form of exercise.  For me its a personal challenge that doesn’t involve my children. Words cannot describe riding the same waves as your kids!!!!! When your on a wave and you look to your side and one of your kids is smiling at you on the same wave!!!! Today  whilst I was in a rip (I know Pat was watching) I missed seeing my youngest with the disability stand up but my eldest son said he saw him because he was right next to him!!!! The staff at Big Wave have been and continue to be absolutely awesome. The knowledge that is passed on to the students  everything from the weather to the surf conditions is unbelievable. The patience and positive nature of the instructors is also unbelievable. We always come away exhausted but on a ” high” .

 Rachel Coubrough

I have recently completed my second 6 week course series with Pat.  I started with absolutely no experience and no gear, so it was really good that all equipment was provided as part of the price. All I had to do was get myself to the beach.As an adult, learning to surf later in life can be daunting, however the training environment was very supportive and informal. I soon found myself just enjoying the experience of catching waves.  Lastly Pat’s classes are safe and informative and I believe my skills development has been significantly quicker than it otherwise would have been. I’m looking forward to the next class!

Samuel Christie

Hi Pat, just wanted to say thank you. We got our daughter Angel a surf class voucher for Christmas last year. Best present we have EVER got her. She has picked it up quite well. What I love the MOST… We can take the boards and hit the beach ANY time we like… And it’s free! No recurring class fees! She is now teaching me how to do it. Our whole family has become more active too – whenever she wants to surf, we go too and walk the dog or have a run… I just love how much cool stuff has come of that one present. We love BigWave! Xxxcheers,

Colleen Klinck

Our son started lessons in the Jan school hols in 2010. He loved it!!! He is now stage 5 or 6 still loving it and we are more than impressed with the quality of teaching. Another vital thing I have pointed out to other parents is the theory side…very important to learn these things when in the ocean….from general surf dangers of rips through to sharks……being the subjective of news lately it’s refreshing to hear some words of wisdom from our 12yr old lad. Even as a parent if you know things invariably kids don’t want to listen to you…but they will listen to their surf teacher… trust me on that one :D I found this school when perusing the ads in the Parent Paper and spotted 3xday surf lessons…. We would highly recommend this school and Pat Moran is more than helpful with any queries as are the rest of his staff. We travel from Rivervale for our son to go … a hike but well worth it!!!!


Our family started lessons in August 2009 and we loved it!!!!! We have all enjoyed the lessons and we have all improved with each 6 week block of lessons. I really loved the ladies only session as when my last child started full time school I wanted to do an activity for myself. I choose surfing as the kids were already surfing with Big Wave. I havent looked back and I am now surfing in competitions at the ripe old age of 40!!!!!. Pat and his team have encouraged us and the theory that they teach has been vital information. Our 11 year old son Sean saved 2 children at the beach because he knew where the rip was, and how to save them. While at the Margret River Masters Pat also took the time to take us out for a surf at the main break. We gained knowledge from Pat and he gave us confidence and encouragement to take on the waves!!! It was AWESOME!! I would recommend Pat Moran and his expert team to anyone who is looking at learning how to surf.

Mrs Pollock

A friendly, family run business that goes that extra mile to make leaning to surf an enjoyable experience. I never thought I’d be able to stand up on a board but Pat’s calm and friendly manner put me at ease straight away and his excellent tuition meant I was soon up and away. If they can get me standing on a board then then can get anyone surfing!


Surfing has kept me active; exercise has never been a chore on my todo list, just a fun pastime to share with others or a chance to have some time out for reflection. It’s also introduced me to travel and great people from different cultures.  My husband surfs also, so we share an understanding of the need to surf.  There is no nagging about taking that time to do what we enjoy.  We are also enjoying seeing our 2 boys develop a love of the ocean and surfing.  It’s something to share with family and friends that doesn’t cost the earth.  Hope it makes sense


These guys are awesome! They are totally dedicated, very talented and got us all up on boards in no time at all. They are particularly great with the kids who are now all addicted! They are careful to go over safety too which is really important when you’re learning to surf. I would recommend the Big Wave Surf School to anyone who wants to learn. They clearly love what they do! Brilliant!


Taylor J had a ball today can’t believe it only his 3rd time catching the waves with you , the confidence he has is unreal couldn’t get over how far our he went , it seems the bigger the wave the better for him , he’s looking forward to the next 3 days

Taylors Mum

I totally agree! I surfed a lot as a teenager but unfortunately stopped once the babies came along & work took over as priority. Now that my kids are 11 & 14 and after watching them go through your surf classes I have rediscovered my youth & am loving spending time with the kids in the water. We have so much fun & even have mini comps on who rode the longest ride, who caught the biggest wave but in the end after cleaning up & hosing down the boards & wetties we look at at each other and go “wow” wasn’t that fun!” Looking forward to next weekend!

‘Chris Read’

I booked the 2 day course as a 12th birthday present for my daughter Rhiannon. It was the best birthday present ever! She had a ball and was standing up in the first lesson! The lesson structure and hands on guidance given by the team is awesome. Now she’s used her birthday money to book the February 6 week course. So we’ll see you back out there!
Thanks again. Kind Regard,s

Megan Roxburgh

Good Morning :) Just wanted to say thanks for an awesome lesson yesterday.  Caden had so much fun!  I love how you are not only teaching him how to surf, but all about ocean safety and surfing etiquette.  Looking forward to the next 5 weeks!