Welcome to Surfing Tuition Perth where we provide surfing lessons in and around Perth for surfers of all ability levels, from beginners to advanced.

We provide the “Safe Surfing Program” a comprehensive level structure which guides students through 12 levels of surfing. Similar to swimming our levels are designed to enable students to progress through from beginner level to advanced. Students have to achieve certain criteria to pass through each level.

(Age 6 to 8 yrs start at JUNIOR 1 level)
(Age 8 to 17yrs start at LEVEL 1)
(Age 18+ start at LEVEL 1)

Some of the things you will learn through our level system are:

Reading surf conditions and identifying dangerous situations,
Basic fitness for surfing,
Catching broken waves,
Wave zone negotiation,
Wiping out safely,
Equipment for surfing,
Sun smart behavior,
Environmental awareness,
Advanced wave negotiation,
Catching and riding unbroken waves,
Riding left and right,
Bottom turning,
Riding different types of equipment.

We offer:

  • 25 years experience
  • All coaches accredited with Surfing Australia
  • WA’s most comprehensive level system
  • Only 30 mins south of Perth
  • Perths safest learn to surf beaches
  • Owner renowned big wave rider
Only Surfing Australia accredited surf schools are able to provide the ‘safe surfing program’ which is endorsed by the Australian sports commission.Surfing Tuition Perth