Spending quality time with our family

As you may have guessed we have been on holiday up North to escape the winter. Spending quality time with our family is very important to us and we love spending time with our boys at locations where they can roam free and explore the nature around them. In Western Australia we are blessed with some amazing holiday destinations which emerge you in physical activity and unique natural landscapes.

We explored the North West where the dessert meets the sea and immersed ourselves in surfing, snorkling, sand boarding, shell collecting, reef walking, gorge hiking and marshmallows around the campfire. Holidays like this cleanse the soul, they allow you to step back and realise what is important and to us its the relationships we treasure.

Our children will remember these moments forever, the friendships they made and the awesome times they spent doing fun things with us. Where we camp there is no internet or phone signal, no power and no water its the edge of the dessert and we love it! Turn off the world and focus on each other a rare thing indeed in our busy schedules and Facebook!

Holidays like this are also fantastic for skill building, being somewhere we could surf everyday meant that the boys really got a chance to improve their surfing. They surfed some awesome gnarly waves and had so much fun!

Holidays with friends are awesome! so many celebrations around the campfire and far too many marshmallows and bush doughnuts :) Deeper friendships are forged through spending time together, another rare phenomenon in our busy lives.

As we head home from sunshine back to winter we reflect on how blessed we have been and the amazing experiences we shared. Our family bond is much closer , confidence is high and our friendships have blossomed into something life long. Holidays, however small are much needed for so many things, so plan your next holiday Soon!

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