Our Coaching Philosophy

A bit about me……….Hi my name is Patrick Moran and I am the head coach at the Big Wave Surfing School. I am the proud father of two little boys who constantly challenge and delight me. I have owned and operated our surfing school in Perth for over 13 years and have taught thousands of kids age 5 to 17 to surf.

We specialise in helping children to shine, we provide a nurturing environment for children to be challenged allowing them to Risk in a safe and amazing natural environment (especially great for energetic kids). I am constantly striving to improve the delivery of my coaching and the way I communicate to my students. The influence of an amazing coach can be the turning point for many a great athlete, but behind the scenes it is fantastic parents who support and nurture their children’s dreams.

WE PROVIDE YOUR KIDS WITH A SAFE ENVIRONMENT TO RISK – kids (especially boys) naturally want to risk,
we provide a safe environment where they can be challenged in a healthy natural environment with fantastic mentors
guiding their progress.

WE ENCOURAGE PARENTS TO PARTICIPATE – We encourage Dad’s and Mum’s to join their kids on a surfing journey, creating common passions, and creating fantastic memories. Surfing together at amazing beaches, watching surf movies together, holidays together in amazing coastal destinations. This motivates the whole family to do exercise and be fit, and active.

‘You only get one chance to spend quality time with your kids when they are small. Between 5 and 12 years you only have 8 years, that’s only 2920 days!!! Until they are teenagers, in these formative days your kids WANT to spend time with you, whether you will have good relationships into teenage years will depend on the quality relationships you build with them, and the things you do together and have in common’

CREATING NEW HEALTHY FRIENDSHIPS FOR YOUR KIDS – Fed up with the current social circles of your kids
and their bad influences? encourage your kids to socialize with active healthy, sporty kids! Surfing challenges children
so they never get bored and they are less likely to get into trouble.  They get the opportunity to meet other healthy, active positive remodels and friends.

WE ENCOURAGE PARENT INCLUSION – You have the opportunity to be involved in their child’s surfing
development .  This creates happy kids who love the fact that you are taking an active rolein their participation.
Creates better/stronger relationships with your kids

We provide videos and worksheets – On how to support your child through their surfing journey, appropriate reactions and expressions (ie; thumbs up) positive reinforcement and psychological support