We provide the “Safe Surfing Program” a comprehensive level structure which guides students through 10 levels of surfing.

Similar to swimming our levels are designed to enable students to progress through from beginner level to advanced.

Students have to achieve certain criteria to pass through each level.
Age 8 to 17yrs start at LEVEL 1
Age 18+ yrs start at LEVEL 1

Why you need levels – Surfing is much more difficult to learn than most sports as your environment changes on a daily basis. You are learning to stand up on a surfboard on a moving wave travelling at 30km per hour and every wave is different. (Compared to most sports which are played in a stationary environment surfing is highly complex)

In the early stages of learning to surf our levels give students achievable skills. Combined with excellent coaching this nurtures confidence and motivates the students to keep trying. Tangible goals are important for students to have and little successes early help a surfer to be inspired to keep learning.

How Our Levels Work

  • Our surfing levels create real skills which enable you  to develop competent ocean ability. Wave catching skills, stand up technique, wave knowledge, wave riding, recognizing rips etc.
  • Our levels save you time, in our experience a surfer who teach themselves  will take 1 year to achieve what our students will achieve in 6 weeks.
  • Bad habits are created easily if you don’t understand the skills required. Our levels support you in the correct technique and our trained coaches will guide your development to achieve the best outcome.
  • We have 10 levels, each level is broken down into skills sets, which have to be achieved before the student can continue to the next level. Each little step is specially designed to be manageable, enough to challenge the student but not overwhelm them.
  • We have had many students go on to complete the whole 10 levels. The outcome is a solid base of skills, which enables the student to;
    2. Surf West Australian surf spots with a solid surfing skill set, enabling our students to have heaps of fun and surf with speed and flow.
    1. Compete at a boardrider’s club level and then with further training continue on to compete in State Rounds, which could lead to being selected in the Australian titles.

How long does it take -

(These estimates are based on a student with an average level of fitness for their age, students who are sporty and have a high level of fitness will progress faster)

*Case study – ‘Dean’ did his first lesson with us at age 11 years, he completed 8 levels of surfing. Now as a 16 year old in 2014 he can perform quality turns and maneuvers and frequently places well in his local boardrider’s events.

*Only Surfing Australia accredited surf schools are able to provide the ‘safe surfing program’ which is endorsed by the Australian sports commission.