How we manage our energetic kids

Our boys Xavier & Jasper haven’t stopped bouncing, running, jumping, wiggling, building, and making noise since they were born. Keeping pace with a high-energy child can be exhausting. We have learnt that there are positive ways managing and redirecting their behaviour. We have learnt the trick is to channel that energy and get them to burn as much as possible in positive, productive ways.

7 useful tips which we use with our energetic boys

We exercise every day – It helps all of us to release stress and burn energy. Not to mention, it is an important habit to form early in life. Starting them in a sport is a great way to improve your child’s coordination and their ability to focus. This is a great age to join surfing lessons, dance, karate, or swimming classes. Do sport as a family – By getting your kids to connect physical activity with thoughts of togetherness, community and fun, it allows for meaningful bonding, It doesn’t get much more rewarding! We love to surf, swim, sup, walk, cycle with our 2 boys.

Routine – There is a time for spontaneity, and kids do need to learn to be flexible. However, they thrive when they have routines as well, especially when you are dealing with a ball of energy. We have strict bedtime routines and dinner is always around the table where the kids can talk about their day.

Watch their diet. Many kids get too much sugar, too often. Worse, sugar-rich foods tend to be full of empty calories and often displace the nutritious foods children need. A recent study supports the idea that a breakfast with a lower sugar load may improve short-term memory and attention span. Stay away from processed foods. Processed foods are often high in carbs, but it is usually the refined variety. One of the main problems is that refined, “simple” carbohydrates are quickly broken down in the digestive tract, leading to rapid spikes in blood sugar and insulin levels. This can lead to carb cravings a few hours later when blood sugar levels go down again. I learnt not to be fooled by labels like “whole grains” that are often plastered on processed food packages, including breakfast cereals. These are usually whole grains that have been pulverized into very fine flour and are just as harmful as their refined counterparts.

Reward good behavior. Rewards can be used as positive reinforcement for modifying negative behaviors. Rewards that are selected by the child are usually the most powerful. Also, a variety of reward possibilities helps to keep a child motivated over a long period of time. Rewards can be privileges, things or activities with parents. Be sure rewards don’t become a substitute for words of praise and encouragement; rewards are most meaningful when given along with positive words and touch from parents.

Limit television or Ipad play – This may seem obvious, but do not allow your child to watch too much television. I have noticed that my boys do not obey as well and are more aggravated if they watch too much tv, so we keep shows short and to a minimum.

Offer your child choices – Instead of asking your child what they would like to do/eat ect give your child a choice instead. Choices as often as possible when both choices are appropriate and suit both your needs and the needs of your child. I know that choices really help with my boys because they are very independent, and they allow them to feel independent while accepting my parental influence with a cheerful heart.

Spend one on one time – I have noticed that when Linda or I make sure to consistently spend quality one-on-one time with our sons, their behavior is better on average. They crave it! If they do not get it for some time, their excess energy and behavior seem to get worse.

We wish you luck in your parenting journey! Here at the Big Wave Surfing School we focus on helping parents with strategies to help manage high energy kids.

Benefits of surfing lessons:

• Our coaches provide direction, structure, and strategies that help create a habit of healthy living that can have a tremendous impact in a child’s life.

• Improve your child’s motor skills, strength, balance and coordination.

• Help your child develop a habit of exercise and be motivated to stay active on their own.

• A great alternative if your child doesn’t like organised sports.

• We help boost self-esteem and encourage your child to try new activities.

• Take surfing classes as a family, it builds family bonds, ‘Surf Together – Bond for Life’Join our surfing family –

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