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Hi we are the Moran family and we have been teaching surfing at Secret Harbour for over 13 years.
We are WA’s only family owned and operated surf school and we are experts on teaching kids!

We started our surfing school with 3 boards strapped to the top of a trailer in a very small community called Secret Harbour, 13 years later Secret Harbour is no longer small and we have so many surfboards I can’t count them all!! Not only are we experts about teaching surfing, we live and breathe the surfing lifestyle, our whole family surfs and we love the beach! The surfing lifestyle is amazing, it’s not just a sport, its a whole new way of life. Surfing is about spending quality time with your family and creating healthy new friendships for your kids. Its about being active in a really fun way, being challenged, inspired and going on some awesome surfing adventures. It encourages daddy time with the kids and provides a great way for energetic kids to let of some steam. We love it, and so will you!

Our surfing school is completely unique, we are the only school in WA that offers a guided level system based on 13 years of coaching and thousands of students. Patrick also coaches along side every class that we teach, this gives you and your family the amazing opportunity to be coached by one of WA’s most experienced coaches, which ensures that your experience with us is personal and completely tailored to your level of experience. So whether you are a complete beginner, intermediate or advanced surfer we have the expertise to maximise your potential.

Patrick has been surfing for over 30 years, he loves to surf huge waves and was entered into the Oakley Big Wave Awards in 2006. Patrick is one of WA’s only level 2 coaches and also coaches state level surfers. Patrick  has been trained by Australia’s top high performance coaches Martin Dunn (creator of Surf Coach)  Ian Cairns and Jeremy Sheppard.

“For more than 25 years now, international surfing pro Martin Dunn has been coaching surfers of all stripes, from beginners to competition-grade pros.  For example, 14 WCT surfers, 14 ISA World Junior Champions, 10 Australian Junior Champions and the Australian Junior Team.  So needless to say, he knows how to coach surfers” http://www.surfscience.com

Ian “Kanga” Cairns is a considered a cornerstone of the professional surfing industry. In Perth Australia, Ian developed into an extremely powerful and gutsy surfer. Over time, Ian created a reputation for charging the unforgiving reefs on the West Australian coastline. After a very successful professional global surfing career, Ian Cairns began organizating surfing events. Ian founded the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) in 1982. The ASP replaced the IPS as the leading governing body of global professional surfing competition. Ian Cairns has most recently starred in the surfing documentary, “Bustin’ Down the Door”. He will always been a part of competitive surfing though his surf coaching and business endeavors” www.surfing.com

“Dr Jeremy Sheppard has been involved in strength and conditioning as a coach since 1993. Sheppard embodies an uncompromising commitment to high performance in sport, and believes strongly in the establishment of a training culture that involves high work ethic and high expectations. Sheppard is currently the Head of Strength and Conditioning and Sport Science Manager for Surfing Australia. This is an integrated position with Edith Cowan University, where he mentors graduate students in S&C and the Sport Sciences.” www.sportsbusinessinsider.com.au