5 ways surfing can improve the health of your child

Surfing can improve the health of your child in so many ways. Surfing isn’t only great for your child’s physical health, it’s also fantastic for their mental health.

Here are just 5 benefits of surfing for your kids:

If you’ve ever surfed, you’ll know what a fantastic cardiovascular workout it is. Paddling and kicking out-back on your board gives your child’s upper body, your back and your legs an intense workout. The best part is that because it’s fantastic fun, even students that aren’t that into exercise can get a fantastic workout.

Studies have shown that surfing is great for improving sleep quality, which is vital for your child’s health and development. We really notice how tired our boys are after a morning of surfing!!

Surfing, like most physical activities, releases endorphins which provides a natural euphoria. Combined with a day in the ocean having fun with your friends, beautiful scenery and a healthy dose of vitamin D, there are few better ways to put you in a good mood, remove negative stress and create memories of a lifetime.

As well as being a great workout, your body uses almost double the calories trying to keep itself warm in the cold water. If you’ve ever surfed, you’ll know how tired you are once you’re out of the water.

surfing has a knock on effect and encourages you to eat healthier, watch your weight and spend more time outdoors. By getting so many endorphins from surfing, your body doesn’t feel the need to get endorphins from eating excess and unhealthy foods. Numerous studies have shown that exercising is one of the best ways to avoid eating unhealthy foods, because you don’t want to waste all the hard work you put into your workout.

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